Progress of Belarus in Sustainable Development Goals achieving

9 February 2021

As part of the Sustainable Development Goals governance architecture and in line with international approaches, the National Statistical Committee coordinates the production and monitoring of Sustainable Development Goal indicators in Belarus. This activity includes a detailed review of each indicator in terms of data availability and relevance for the country, identification of data sources, levels of disaggregation, timing and frequency of reporting to Belstat and discussion of nationalization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) indicators.

The basis of this work was the global list of SDG indicators, in accordance with which Belstat together with the state agencies formed the national list and the Roadmap for the development of SDG statistics – the document which defines the steps for capacity building and dissemination of SDG statistics. The national list currently includes 265 indicators: 161 of them corresponds to the global list, and 104 indicators have been supplemented or replaced by alternative (proxy) ones, which are relevant to the context of global objective. More than 80% of the indicators relevant to Belarus are available for measurement.

The list of SDG indicators is the basis of the National SDG Reporting Platform. The National Platform is a single center for collecting and summarizing data on the current situation with the achievement of the SDGs in the country, as well as an authoritative source of relevant information for planning and tracking progress in sustainable development of the republic, monitoring the implementation of international obligations, and preparing national reports on the achievement of the SDGs in the Republic of Belarus. At present, the platform provides access to the database on 222 indicators with the depth of dynamic series where possible since 2000. The official statistics on the SDGs is available on the Belstat website.



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